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Commonly referred to as the “Land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is located in the African tropics, and is one of the East African countries. It is a land locked country that shares its borders with Uganda in the North, Tanzania in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Burundi in the South. So far discovered by few tourists, Rwanda is still virtually un- touched and pure in terms of nature with endowments in wild life and physical features among others.

It’s a fantastic experience to have a tour around the” land of a thousand hills”. Great Value safaris Ltd has continuously stretched its long hand in an effort to exploit the unexploited. Thanks to our dedicated team that has gone beyond borders to simplify the process of touring every corner of this land by our treasured clients.

The country is one of the East Afrioutcan countries that have a wide variety of historical sites, flora, fauna, rivers with amazing patterns, lakes and beautifully shaped mountains and hills. The most common languages used by the people in this country are Kinyarwanda, French and English. On your trip around Rwanda, you will repeatedly hear people talk about the same word, ``Amahoro’’ meaning peace, It is used as a way of greeting in the Kinyarwanda language. In fact after the genocide, people united so very much that they started living in harmony, treating each other as members of one broad close family. You need assistance while traveling around Rwanda? You want the locals to assist you in any way? The hospitality there won’t leave you puzzled but will always be a memorable experience.

We have taken a lasting mantle in staging a possibility for our clients to tour, view, photograph all these with ease. In fact our flexible drivers / guides have always ensured that clients enjoy nature to the maximum in an effort to create a lasting and memorable experience among our customers as our slogan suggests, `` we have your back covered ‘’.

What to expect among others while on your tour around Rwanda region:

  • A city tour around Kigali.
  • Tour around the Virunga volcanoes.
  • A visit to the Rwanda Genocide memorial site.
  • Visit to Lake Kivu and relaxation around the shores.
  • Gorilla tracking in Parc National Des Volcans.
  • Chimp tracking.
  • Game viewing in the Akagera National park
  • Cultural tours
  • Canopy walks and Views.

Our client hotels and lodges in this region have maximum security for the guests and property and value remains our number one priority while dealing with our customers. Come and experience the best with us.